Quantum Health and Healing

          John and Prema Lia (Kimmie) Thompson will share an eclectic collection of powerful health and healing tools, including Mother Earth Orgone Energizers, Kombucha Mushroom Tea, Advanced Touch for Health, Quantum Reflexology/Pressure Pointing, Coconut Oil & Coconut Kiefer, plus the Fountain of Youth. 

         This engaging, interactive presentation is fun for everyone. You will be amazed when you experience the immediate impact of your Mother Earth Orgone Energizer. You will learn how to bring Quantum Reflexology and Touch for Health into your daily life with empowering results. In exploring The Fountain of Youth, you will encounter a simple practice that offers great increases in health and longevity.

During this presentation, you will discover:

The history of Orgone and why it’s so important for our future and the future of Mother Earth.

How Mother Earth Orgone can provide more strength and better balance, improving performance in meditation, yoga, sports, etc.

How to energize your electrical system and chakra centers. 

How to protect against the negative effects of EMFs, such as cell phones, cell towers, electrical stations, computers, televisions and microwaves.

How Orgone Energy can be used to protect Mother Earth, her ley lines and energy centers. 

How muscle/balance tests (Kinesiology) show that your body will always tell you the truth. 

The crucial importance of the pineal gland and its connection to your spiritual life.

  John Thompson’s exploration of energy and health began in 1976, when he began practicing reflexology, Touch for Health, Breath of Fire, and took the first of his 17 trips to the magical, mystical land of India. 

      Prema Lia Thompson, also known as Kimmie, has been clairvoyant and psychic since her early youth. Highly regarded as a spiritual reader, she is a public speaker, workshop presenter, and the author of three books dealing with miracles, spiritual guides, teachers and our loving Mother Earth.  

       John and Prema Lia operate Inspire Every Child, a non-profit foundation that donates inspiring books to help provide less fortunate children with a better education and a brighter future. All net proceeds from workshops go to Inspire Every Child.  


John or Prema Lia Thompson

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